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[FIRST Lego League Nano] 
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Li Tsz Wai (F1), Fong Kwan Hon (F3), Law Tsz Yin (F3)M

Chow Tsz Lok (F1), Mak Wing Hin(F3)

The Hong Kong FLL Robotics Tournament is an educational programme which encourages students to work in a team and go through a problem-solving process in which creativity and critical thinking are developed. Through this programme, they will learn how to overcome obstacles and confront challenges in a positive manner. Since solutions to the challenge are based on hands-on robot design, students can apply and further explore their science and technology knowledge outside their classrooms.

In 2007, students need to design, build, and program a robot to accomplish the Challenge Missions on the Field. Also, they are required to complete a project about Nanotechnology, which is a new scientific frontier that will impact many facets of society, such as medicine, computers, and the environment.