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[21st Century Intranet] 

Intranet start working during SAR period. The core team members, Fung Kowk Cheong and Chau Yau Sing start working on it when they are F2 and F1.

Intranet was invented about ten years ago. Why we use it to join this competition? The answer is very simple; this is not a usual intranet. Instead, it has five big features and five great functions! After doing the research and analysis, intranet systems in the market does not fit the need of the school. Our intranet has the following features and functions.


  • Supports multiple languages, suitable for foreign or locals.
  • Open source code, easy to install
  • All login processes are handled by one function, it will remember the session and do not have to do login in different sections
  • Using php, can run on Linux servers, lower the cost
  • Extremely fit the school, can add or remove components at any time


  • Club Admin enables students and teachers view and update club information, add or edit EAU, update meeting date and time through internet. Club chairperson can view member list and how many people attend meetings or add more people to maintain the club in intranet.
  • Template function enables different login account has different templates and buttons.
  • Our "Book Room System" enables students and teachers book school's places through intranet. Teachers and EAU councilors can approve application with little of time.
  • Our "Submit Project System" provides several services. Students can form groups, submit project and read remark in our intranet. Teachers can receive project and mark them through intranet.
  • Our "Multiple Choice Quiz" was added some game elements, students can solve the multiple choices question in our game in the intranet and get the correct answers and explanations after answered the question. The question in the game is design, edit, and delete by teachers. They can get both happiness and knowledge at the same time.